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The digital age is here, and it belongs to The Digital Generation®.

You are The Digital Generation, the first generation on the face of the planet to grow up in a digital world.

You outnumber baby boomers and are building the future.

You are tech savvy.

You know the language

     of the brave new world

          of the digital age.

You know more about technology

     than most adults.

          You know more about it

               than your parents.

You know you know it.

     They know it.

You surf the web,

     think in icons,

          and click your way through life.

The Truth

     is a click away.

Your computers tie you together in a way
     no other generation can understand.

You meet together      on the net.

You move money,

     attitudes and shared ideas

          over the net.

Your size, money, and technological savvy

     make you a new breed.

You are intelligent about technology.

You are confident about computers      and yourselves.

You respect tech knowledge.

When you need to know something, you don't ask -

you go to the web and look it up or talk to your web friends about it.

When you want to spread the word

     you go to chat rooms.

You're wired together with
     chat rooms
          digital pagers
               digital phones
                    palm pilots
                         and interactive digital TV.

You are rebuilding the world

in your digital image.

And anyone who is not with you
                                       shall be left behind


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